Saturday, May 18, 2013 | 1:02 AM | 0 comments

As i stare into these ruins made by my own self, i tremble as i realize it's gonna be the end. More and more i wonder what i could have done. 

Memories of a broken heart. Now i'm alone in the dark. Didn't have strenght to come out looking for a bright light even thought i know there's a way out when all hope is gone. Find your light in a new dawn. But there's no way to do this on our own. My attempts of piecing life together leaves me alone. I can't repair what's been done. When the sky is as black as the ground that i walk on. 

But i can't give up on this. I tried to convince myself, it's not the end. It's gonna be okay. There's a lot more people out there suffer more than you. Tried to cross the line and make them wonder how you can get out from this place full of sorrow. Stand on your own. Don't lose hope and gather your strenght to get up and fight back. Remember, there's someone who's always behind you.

I blew all my pain away, my loneliness, my sorrow and you. Things would never back as usual but these things taught you life. A life you would never imagine.  


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